Audio Fodder, carried by breath

Out of your mouth

Let a person get a more sensory experience of whatever it is they so want to share.

If bullshit was not just a description of a type of ubiquitous mindless talking.

if sweet talk could make you fat. Or bitterness became like earwax on the tip of your tongue?

a red herring?

spitting game –whiffs of putrid carrion are charming to the olfactory system, yes?

your scripted dirty talk --> my trash talkin. talking smack overdose

 An observation: the developement made in communication is mostly geared towards increasing the possibility to output brain garbiage.

Language has expanded (but inflated at the same time), virtual space has even been created in order to allow for more storage space for all the useless exchange. Social media as gavage, little greedy mulards. Gorgey porgy puddin pipe.

Verbal obesity the norm in a world of feeders; it’s just one thin mint, mr Creosote.

 The words, don’t even waste a taste on them or get a sense of texture, swallow ! and then keep stuffing; vowely foie gras, constant consonance custard, sonic sweet and sour -in the end it’s all shit, innit?