Oh, no-gap. Hardworking, teeth clenching, enamel crushing, nerve wracking non-gap. Teeth ballet, caught in a dance of pulling and repelling, or is it simply the want of both to be in the exact same place at the same time? If teeth had limbs they would have elbows and they would use them for sure. Teeth you are worse than Macy’s the day before christmas. Or are we dealing with some undiscovered teeth gravity? An undeniable force that’s at work just drawing them in the same direction, like a centrifugal fugue, two voices chasing the same tonic.

What harm is there in staying in the same place? Why this need to travel, teeth? Does it even make sense to address you as a duo? The struggle could be a territorial tug of war, but then is it about the gums or the opponent, meaning you would hate to be adressed as ‘teeth’, opting for the far more beautiful ‘tooth’ instead. That might spark the idea that it is a linguistic issue. Could the pushing and the shoving be the direct result of favoritism of one vowel over another?

Does that justify the expenditure of energy by deploying the nerves and sending their impulses on a mission, brain bound, to notify the cells up there (all busy with their own respective tasks mind you) that it’s about time they learn that each tooth wishes to be addressed seperately, as they are their own entity- not merely a couple of rows of randomly superorganized soldiers, there to guard the mouth from incoming chunks of stuff trying to sneak their way down into the oesophagus with the sole purpose of causing a riot.

Teeth each have their own look, color, chips dents and repairs. Some took off before their time, to live elsewhere (they can survive out there. They’ll outlive the body they were in by possibly a thousand years!), others stayed and tried to work it out.

But not these two. Or is it even about them? What if this whole ordeal is not about one tooth fighting another, what if it’s about the space in between? What if the gap is unhappy? What if it’s a minor mishap; this gap should have been placed in the back of the row, where there’s more room for the gap?

Perhaps the gap is unhappy because he feels he is actually a closure? Imagine he doesn’t like this nude feeling, being exposed to cold, wind, or sharp breadcrumbs, the horror of having people scrub you with rope or pick at you with stakes as if you were hiding a tiny vampire heart right under your surface.  Either way the solution to this turmoil between the teeth is for the gap to make itself into it’s opposite. The teeth might be but clueless pawns, unwillingly caught up in this gap’s identity crisis and screaming need for self expression.

The gap looking for stuff to wrap himself in, trying to replace the negative with a positive. The gap as a teeth trap.

Whatever the case is for this calcified community, eruptions sprung from ectodermal dreams, it is time for you to reach an understanding and restore peace, before i dissolve and leave you in shambles for milleniums to come.