SpermChurch is an international, poly-electro, pan-genre duo made up of Trevor Dunn (electric bass) and Sannety (electronics). Trevor is known for the over 150 recordings he can be heard on, including many by John Zorn, Tomahawk, the Melvins, Nels Cline, Kris Davis and the complete works of Mr. Bungle and Fantomas. Sannety is unknown to many people. 

SpermChurch hovers within elements of grindcore and trap, battling cultural conditioning with non-traditional tunings, glissandos, percussion, a max/msp patch.  Using minimal elements to play with, we turn patterns inside out.

Album is in the making! 

SpermChurch thanks The Shifting Foundation for its contribution.

Praise the Load! Hail to the Jizzus!

For more information visit: www.sannety.com and www.trevordunn.net