Shoplifters by S∆nnety


in 2017 I had the pleasure to work with my dear friend and director of avantgarde/experimental films, Joe Wakeman. I got to perform one of the leading roles and contributed to the score, which was an exhilarating experience as we also got to write a lot of our own dialogue which, in collaboration with one of the most eloquent and funny people I've ever met, is as they say- a fucking hoot.

The movie, Shoplifters,as described by director Joe Wakeman, is: "A series of tableaux depicting the activities of a group of naive would-be radicals, who think they want to be revolutionaries, but in the final analysis, what they really want is to be seen wearing berets"

"There's courage in your workers heart, I read it in your beauty-Marx"


Here's a version of the unmixed vocal track (vocs so loud it sounds like karaoke bootleg, can't find the mixed version) and an instrumental version.

by S∆nnety

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Musics, current by S∆nnety

Fingers inc. -  A love of my own

Migos -  Dead Presidents (Feat. Usher).   /   Usher -  Still got it (feat. Migos) 

Pain Jerk -  Hardcore vol. 1

Warrior Queen -  It Squits

Madalyn Merkey -  Archipelago

Nina Simone -   Don't let me be misunderstood

Nina Simone -  Be my husband live in NY 1965

Kendrick Lamar D.N.A.

Sensate Focus (1.6)  -  Y

Lorenzo Senni -  A2. elegant, and never tiring


Flavor of the weeks by S∆nnety

1. Missy Elliott - I'm Better

2. Melinting group; Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra, Indonesia 12 - Tabuh Kenilu Sawik

3. Theo Burt - Speaker Mix A2

4. Young Thug - Halftime

5. John Wizards  - Durvs

6. John Wizards - Lusaka by Night

7. Russell Haswell - Champagne Walk

8. Mark Fell - Multistability