Verse 1

Enter the house of mirrors

Start this odyssey

Investigate with great efficiency

Go up–and-rose

Stairs that descend (to the the next level?)

spoonfed by the devil

the blivet is more than two times a  handful


 The cracking open of doors,

It’s exciting

As long as there’s not too many floors

getting lost without noticing  

same room? different lighting? 

down the rabid hole i go

Back packed, knapsack,

Need a check from the neck




 'the zone is capricious'

wasn’t I already here?

The mind so treacherous!

Verse 2

A liquefied man

follows me as long as i can

A polished obsidian

Tells another tall story

I’m watching me on cctv

Taking inventory

What’s without will seem to be within

Pepper’s Ghost is him

Or other?


in the hour between dog and wolf  

It dawned on me;


This twisted view, all contorted

Was right all along

It was just distorted,

The only feedback, was coming from me

A self-fulfilling prophecy



Do i want my:

 “Sanity, Sanity , Sanity ???”

I don’t know

Stepping through --Hierarchy /  Theatre of cruelty  / the minds own malady

Causality flippin

Call the island police

I need to keep a grippin

(Sannety, sannety)

But they’ll just put u on a boat and push you out to sea


 Verse 3

 Dizzy from the Barbers pole

Thoughts looping

/ shepard tone

trouble with the scripts digits

what is this?

The Network Of Stoppages

Aka my brain

N.ot O.therwise S.pecified

Who’s to say what is sane


All mirrors and smoke

Running around with

daggers and cloak 

movements obscure

leaden shoes keep me afloat

the thought of eternal sleep, nesting

announcing tornado of manure

-Time for sanity testing-


 Interlude 2

Cabinet of curiosity

With nothing but impossible objects

That’s me

Verse 4

 My brains’ choreography


Worthy of a lobotomy?

I’m starting to love this dichotomy between me

Its anthyphairesis

of the soul


Sunshowers of tears,

I muffle cries that no one hears.

A soliloquy of shouting; enlightenment or madness?

The confabulatory nocturni call it a day

As sun and moon both rise on the event horizon

Purge the melancholy of the sadness

Sannetize 'em