Lyrics: T. Dunn, Sannety

Verse 1

 white horses the ox-eye warned me

naumachy awaits me

dear ol' ocean be quiet

single handed crew, i turn to you;

all hands on deck

trying to right myself, she's sinking


sails start to shake

wallow in the wake

i can't navigate

without my first mate;



Verse 2

 becalmed and bewildered helmsman

capsize or belay me

all systematic sailing ceased

coffin fish and me, moon makes three;

we're all at sea

universe without polaris


one more casualty 

if i'm lost at sea

bye bye manatee

devil & the deep

i'm what comes between


Verse 3

Captain wake up !!

scuttle the ship, full and by

sailor's bane 

is barking out commands;

“anchor lights out,

man the rails”

salted galaxy

farewell barnacle my friend,

fathoming the days end