Auditions for HARUSPEX:

For the audition (live & video) we ask you to prepare

1. the eggplant choreo (you tube tutorial)

tutorial here:

2. a short odd meter pattern -  compose something on it and loop it for 2min. See what you can do with this pattern

The pattern is: S S L L S L L S L S S L L L (S =Short L=Long). There are 3 versions of the practice pattern: one at 57 BPM, one at 100 BPM and one at 130 BPM to help you to get acquainted with it, whichever one you choose to present is up to you.

The practice patterns are in a zip file that was emailed to you.

3. an improvisation (music of your choice) where you make a variation on a phrase using specific parameters for 3min.

Make a phrase, based on preferably afro dance, then make variations of this phrase where you zoom in on specific parameters (one parameter at a time, you don’t have to do all / a lot of parameters). The variations can be extreme, so yes plz take it out.

examples of parameters are: repetition, levels (high / medium / low to the floor), pause between moves, speed, space orientations, amplitude, displacement (putting the move in a different body part) etc.

4. a free composition scene

If you have any questions: don’t hesitate to ask

Thank you and see you soon !